Auschain investment group is a project marketing company focusing on premium projects across Australia, which contains business areas from real estate investment/consulting and planning, market analysis/market planning. Auschain, after 6 years of defining efforts and developments became one of the leading project marketers and top sales teams in Australia. Auschain have been working very closely with Australia’s top developers such as Meriton, Toga and Ecove etc. Teams at Auschain have developed a professional, essential, effective and efficient way to provide a one-stop shop for all Auschain customers.
Auschain’s head office is in the heart of Sydney centre located at Citigroup Centre near Town Hall and the Queen Victoria Building. Auschain also has other operating branch offices in Wuxi and Dalian, so that Auschain clients are able to receive the best quality of service no matter where they are located. Auschain has a vast amount of superior quality of resources, in which is allowing Auschain to target all the top end projects. This in return, gives Auschain teams to promote the best quality of resources, and at the same time letting customers to choose and enjoy the benefits of their maximized return on investments.
Furthermore, Auschain contains outstanding teams that excel on their duties in every detail. In accordance with Auschain’s vision and development, Auschain do not only conduct the market research in just China and Australia, but also develop researches on a global scale. Currently in 2017, Auschain is cooperating with Deloitte in giving Auschain’s high-net-worth customers, with an even better position and precision in the market by utilizing even more reliable and accurate data. Overall, Auschain does not limit its vision in Australia, but providing the best long-term vision in allocation of each individual resources and investments to all Auschain clients around the world. We at Auschain do believe, by choosing Auschain, we will let you enjoy the best-maximized return more than any other that you could have previously imagined.

Sydney Head Office

Level 25, 2 Park Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000
+61 2 8278 9999

  • Kevin Chen

    General Manager
  • Sean Huang

  • Mike Mao

    HR & Sales Manager
  • Kailin Wang

    Operations Manager
  • Shiyu Qu

    Sales Manager
Sydney Head Office
Level 25, 2 Park Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000
+61 2 8278 9999
Wuxi Office
Room 16, Building 1602, Hang Lung
Plaza, No. 139, Renmin Road, Wuxi
0510 8555 8822
Dalian Office
No. 806, Building 35, Renmin Road,
Zhongshan District, Liaoning, Dalian
0411 8800 8179

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